Creation Audio Labs Funkulator


Product Details

Bass players, ever notice how that perfect finger-style tone doesn’t work so well for slapping – and vice versa?  Ever find the tone shaping controls on amps which were designed for slapping not very useful? Are you inconvenienced by tweaking amp EQ while you play? Tired of compromising your sound for a “one size fits all” tone?

If you can answer yes to any one of these questions then the Funkulator by Creation Audio Labs is for you! We went to Funk School to learn what makes a great bass slap tone, designed it, and put it in a pedal.

Varying Degrees of Funk

At Creation Audio Labs, we’re all about tone and, with the Funkulator, we want you to be able to dial in a great sound quickly and easily. That’s why we kept it simple – one knob, one switch. At the same time, you need the flexibility to funkulate on your terms. The Funkulator gives you a wide range of tones with one knob – simplicity + flexibility. We call it “varying degrees of funk”.

Finger-style and Pick Players

Not a Slapper? Try the Funkulator for some righteous hi-fi finger-style and pick tones. You may find yourself never turning it off!

Creation Audio Labs Quality

The Funkulator is brought to you by creators of the acclaimed MK4.23 Clean Boost and Holy Fire Overdrive/Distortion pedals. You get the same hand-built boutique styling, pro-audio, studio spec quality that Creation Audio Labs is renowned for. 

The Funkulator Bass Tone Shaper – Zero to Funk with One Click!

Power requirements: 9vDC tip negative power supply

Dimensions: 3.25" wide x 4.75" long x 2.5" tall (at top of the knob)


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