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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend us your rears, for Octavius Squeezer is here! Now shipping, Octavius Squeezer is the only analog bass pedal you need. Designed specifically for bass guitar, Octavius Squeezer has true analog reconfigurable signal path technology, true bypass switching and a comprehensive array of analog synth, octaver, fuzz, envelope filter and other effects driven by a convenient digital preset system. With all this plus tuner and metronome in a size that fits in your gig bag, this is one pedal you simply can't afford to be without! Listen to it now!

Octavius Squeezer includes a dedicated filter circuit bred in our Agent 00Funk andAgent 00Funk Mark II envelope filters. It also includes the fuzz circuit from our Brown Dog gated bass fuzz. A digital pitch tracking stage tracks the notes you play right down to the bottom of your instrument's range and drives an analog synthesizer which can produce various waveforms at either the same pitch as your input, one octave down, one octave up or two octaves up. All of this can be patched, mixed and configured in a variety of ways to give an enormous array of available effects.

Use the effect control to switch between the 50 user-editable presets that can be stored in the Octavius Squeezer's onboard memory. Adjust any of the presets on-the-fly with a twist of the param knob. See the current effect and parameter settings clearly displayed on Octavius Squeezer's backlit LCD. Use the two user-assignable footswitches to bypass, tap tempo and switch effects on the fly. Save and load additional presets to SD card (like the one in your digital camera) using the onboard card reader, and use it to upgrade Octavius's firmware as new versions become available.

Bootsy Collins Bootsy Collins says:

Octavius Squeezer is the funkiest funk box since the Mutron release in the early 70's that I based my sound around. The Octavius Squeezer is the new millennia funk box with A Pink leather beaver patch right up the middle, to keep the cream inside.

I will be developing some new fiber optical sounds based around this new Octavius Squeezer patches and manual settings. I will find a way to squeeze the juice out the love between a musician and his pedal. Although this puppy is naked, it does come with pink panties for safety. Watch where you direct your Pee on this One!

Bootsy baby!!!

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  • Designed for bass guitar.
  • Wide range of synth, octaver, envelope filter, fuzz and other effects.
  • True bypass - input is connected directly to output by a mechanical relay when switched off.
  • True analog signal path with reconfigurable analog technology.
  • 50 digital presets onboard.
  • SD card socket (SD card not included), allows you to save/load additional presets, upgrade firmware.
  • Analog two pole lowpass and bandpass filter circuit.
  • Analog fuzz circuit.
  • Digital pitch tracking with advanced harmonic rejection.
  • Analog waveform synthesis with portamento.
  • One octave down, one octave up and two octaves up synthesis.
  • Runs from a single 9V battery or external power supply (not included).
  • Convenient form factor includes no-tools battery drawer.
  • Sturdy steel case finished in an eye-catching red.
  • Two user-assignable foot switches.
  • Two digital control knobs.
  • Backlit 2 line, 16 character LCD.
  • Blinking tempo LED.
  • Auxilliary output for click tracks and Agent 00Funk Mark II envelope input.
  • Tuner.
  • Metronome and beat-locked effects with tap tempo mode.
  • Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) modifies filter cutoff.
  • Beat-locked filter waveforms include triangle, ramp, square, staircase, random and step sequence.
  • Effects can be organised into banks for easy selection.
  • Additional effects planned in future firmware updates.
  • Lovingly manufactured in Australia.
Octavius Squeezer analog bass synth back view


The Octavius Squeezer has four connectors on the back:

  • input - signal from your instrument comes in here.
  • aux - provides a separate click track output or connects to the envelope input on the Agent 00Funk Mark II.
  • output - signal goes out to your amplifier here.
  • 9vdc - plug in a regulated 9V DC 2.1mm supply here.
Octavius Squeezer analog bass synth top view


  • Turn the effect control to switch between presets. Push it to enter the menu system.
  • Push the param control to toggle which parameter of the current effect you want to edit. Turn it to adjust the current parameter. The exchange knobs menu option lets left-handed players switch the function of the effect and param controls so that they don't obscure the LCD with their hand when switching effects.
  • Click the right footswitch to toggle between effect and bypass mode, indicated by the active LED.
  • The function of the left footswitch changes according to the current footswitch mode. Hold both footswitches to cycle through the different footswitch modes. Some of the things you can do with the left footswitch, depending on the current mode, are:
    • Cycle forwards through the effects in the current bank (NXT mode).
    • Cycle backwards through the effects in the current bank (PRV mode).
    • Tune your instrument with the output muted (TUN mode).
    • Tap a tempo for the beat-locked effects and metronome, start and stop the beat (TAP mode).
    • Briefly enable the LFO or beat-locked effects (MOD mode).

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