Anaconda Crusher 5


Product Details

Pre-owned Anaconda Crusher 5 string in mint condition


Neck Construction 5 Piece neck-thru Rock Maple/Wenge Stringers
Scale Length 35"
Frets type Medium Jumbo.
Frets 24
Headstock Match body
Headstock type Angled back
Body core wood Swamp Ash or Ash
Fingerboard Ebony
Dot markers Side dot markers
Pickups Bartolini P45CBC
(Independent series/single coil/parallel switching)
Preamp Glockenklang 3-band (Active/passive switch, active pickup blend)
Tuners Hipshot Ultralite
Bridge Hipshot A Style
Bridge spacing 19mm
Nut Anaconda hand-cut Brass
Nut width 48mm
Strings 0.45, 0.65, 0.85, 0.105, 0.130
Truss rod Two way adjustable at body
Finish Flamed Maple Top


6 bolt neck joint A good, strong neck to body joint is paramount for the full transfer of string vibrations to the body. Our 6 bolt attachment results in excellent sustain and tone.
35" Scale length A 35" scale length is standard on our Crusher 5 and 6 String basses. The extra string tension results in a great tension across all strings and a clarity and crispness of tone which complements these instruments perfectly.
Upper fret access A deep inset and wide lower horn allows for
unrestricted access up to the 24th fret. 
Rounded neck heel Our neck heel is carved to ensure minimal obstruction to the hand when accessing the upper frets. This allows for greater freedom of movement when soloing, chording and tapping.
Accurate Bridge to Tuner String attachment Strings run true and straight from the bridge 
through the Brass Nut to the Tuners. 
This allows the strings to vibrate cleanly and 
without interruption. The end is result is better tone.
Brass Nut We believe that a Brass Nut gives the best
open string tone, which also matches the 
tone of a fretted string. All Anaconda Basses 
have our hand-cut and polished Brass Nuts.
Coil switching Each pickup is independently switchable so that the coils are either in series, single-coil or parallel. This gives you a large number of different tonal options at the flick of a switch.
Glockenklang Preamp We believe that an instrument should have inherently great tone when played acoustically. The purpose
of the preamp should be to transparently
amplify this tone without colouration. Additionally this preamp has a true active bypass and a passive tone control.
Extended neck profile All Anaconda necks are hand carved so that the
profile of the neck extends into the Fingerboard.  
In real terms, this means that the neck feels exactly
the same all the way up to the edge. We believe that 
every last effort should be made to improve comfort
and playability, even if it means doing things
differently from the rest.

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