Akai Deep Impact


Product Details

This is quite a rare bass synth pedal. Featuring a four-oscillator synthesiser optimised for fat bass sounds, the DEEP IMPACT pedal allows you to use your existing bass guitar to generate woofer wobbling synth bass lines.

Using innovative pitch detection circuitry, the DEEP IMPACT pedal can track your playing quickly and responsively to provide fat and fruity bass synth tones. You can use the synth sound on its own or you can mix in a proportion of your bass guitar's sound to the output.

Synth presets are selected using the footswitches or the effect can be completely bypassed using Akai Professional's 'true bypass' feature which allows the straight sound to pass through with no unwanted colouration from the pedal's circuitry.

The SB1 has nine preset programs which you can switch between using the PROGRAM UP/DOWN footswitches. Each of these presets are fully customisable with control over attack, decay, envelope depth, dynamics sensitivity, filter cutoff, filter resonance, synthesizer and direct balance, program level, synth trigger level and noise gate.

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