Blast Cult ONE4FIVE Double Bass



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We have a few Blast Cult basses in shop, but this is our first of the uprights! Blast Cult uprights are incredible in quality, looks and sound. Not only are they a lovely bunch but they’re also passionate about making the best possible instrument.

Here's a link to a 20+ minute video dedicated to this bass. It's truly a masterpiece:

The All New ONE4FIVE UK Upright Bass is here!

Handmade Laminated Maple Mahogany body with Mahogany liner trim and internal structure parts.

Quartersawn Maple neck

Sustainable Ebony fingerboard with inlay carbon fibre spine for permanent stability

Blast Cult handmade tuning machines made out of brass, aluminium and steel.

Blast Cult Maple Adjustable Bridge with Star Adjusters

Ebony Endpin with Blast Cult Skate Wheel foot

Satin black with antique white trim and a nitrocellulose finish

Channel Blaster II Piezo pick up system with acrylic elements.

Tone Monger Strings

This upright is ready to be shipped to anywhere in the world!

Make it yours and be part of the Sonic Religion!

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