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The Gallery Bass Merchant - Workshop Services

The Bass Gallery The in house Sei Bass workshop has been building guitars for over twenty years. The same expertise is used for a variety of maintenance and repair tasks. We have a fast and reliable turnaround.

This is reflected in our largely professsional client base. Our competitive pricing and high quality work makes us a popular choice with professionals and amateurs alike.

The Gallery Bass Merchant: Workshop Price List

BATTERY COMPARTMENTS Fitting new battery compartment £30
DE FRET Lines from a choice of woods and colours £90
ELECTRONICS Electronic Maintanance £20 (prices from)
FRET EDGES Fret Edges smoothed off for faster neck action £20
FRET STONE Fret stone to level frets including crowning £75
FRETLESS LINING Adding fretlines to an unlined fretless instrument £130
FRETTING LINED FRETLESS Adding frets to an already lined instrument £180
FRETTING UNLINED FRETLESS Adding frets to an unlined fretless instrument £210
HARDWARE FIT Fitting of replacement hardware £15
NECK RESHAPE Reshape neck to make a flatter profile £80 (Price From
NECK STRIP Remove varnish and smooth off neck £40
NEW FINGERBOARD Replacement fingerboard, maple, rosewood ebony etc £280 (price from)
NUT REPLACEMENT Choose from from brass, bone, phenolic, graphite, graphtech etc. £30 (prices from)
PICKUP FITTING Fitting and wiring up of replacement pickups £20 (Price From)
RAMP Ramp between pickups £60
RE FRET Fret maple fingerboard including re - shooting and re - varnishing of fingerboard £200
RE SHOOT Re shoot fingerboard and levelling £80
RE-STRING Re-string instrument, strings not supplied £10
ROUTING Routing for pickups etc £80
SCREENING Electronic cavity screening £40
SET UP Full Gallery setup including: truss rod adjustment, intonation, action, nut and pickup alignment £35.00

Contact us to discuss your servicing needs. Call for details: [+44] 207 2675458


The Gallery - Bass Merchant

Established in 1992 The Gallery – Bass Merchant has grown to become one of the most important places for all things bass. We pride ourselves in providing the widest range of new, used and vintage instruments, amplifiers and accessories, in a friendly, welcoming environment and backed up with our setup, after sales and repair expertise. Whatever your bass needs; The Gallery has the answer.

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