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TC Electronics - BG250 208 (Pre-Owned)

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225 £225.00


Pre-owned in good condition

Practice Plus Premium Performances!

This is not the cute little practice amp you bring home to meet your mum! Diminutive in size and easy to transport but packing some serious punch, the BG250-208 is basically a great bass amp run through an atomic accelerator, resulting in pure tone and focus. And yes it’s great for practising, easy to transport and easy on the eyes. But inside is a true tone monster.

No Weight, Tons of Authority
This compact little miracle may look small, but it has tone for days. An excellent choice if you need a compact combo without you losing the body of your tone. Less weight and zero compromise on tone is the credo here. The sound is best characterized as fresh, inspiring and with nice clarity and attitude, without ever losing the rumble.

Signature effects, for free!
BG250-208 sports Bass TonePrint, a unique feature that lets you load signature effects into the TonePrint slot. So load any of the Bass TonePrints and off you go! You can switch between two TonePrints with the optional Switch-3 footswitch; change them on the fly or mute – whatever you need to create your tone.

We’ve got an ever-expanding roster of the coolest people in bass today that have given us their signature versions of TC effects, so there’s bound to be a sound that inspires you!

Oh, and if you want to use some of the slots for a bit (or a lot) of dirt – go for it! They accept our BassDrive TonePrints as well, which range from TubeDrive - ported from the RH750 - to the crushing ‘The Beast’ TonePrint. Or maybe you want SpectraComp, our amazing world-class per string compression TonePrint specifically designed for bass players. This allows you to shape your sound, create your tone and basically take the TC Electronic Bass TonePrint arsenal wherever you need it to go.

They’re all available for free and you can beam them directly to your BG250-210 via the TC Electronic website if you want to use a computer.

Shape Your Sound
Maybe you want our SpectraComp TonePrint (per string compression that totally rules) at the press of a button – that’s cool too! Shaping your sound should be your decision – so we've added a set of intelligent controls that make sure you’re always boosting and cutting in areas optimized for bass.

Great Things Start Small
OK, so you bought the combo – what does it allow you to do? Well, it’s very versatile and performs great regardless of genre because of a set of really smart controls. Turn them and just the right frequencies get a boost or cut, enabling you.

Fine-tuning Bass
BG250-208 has a built-in tuner. How bleeping smart is that? Tune up and start your jam or practice session with the confidence your bass is perfectly in tune.


  • Portable & Powerful
  • 250 Watt 
  • 25.9 lbs. / 11.75 kg 
  • 11.5” x 12.6” x 18.3” 
  • 292 x 320 x 465 mm 
  • Bass Tuner
  • Built-in 6 String Tuner 
  • Driver & Tweeter
  • 2x 8” custom driver 
  • 1x 1” custom piezo tweeter 
  • Intelligent EQ Section
  • Cut and Boost at Different Frequencies 
  • Bass: Cut@80Hz / Boost@100Hz 
  • Mid: Cut@500Hz / Boost@800Hz 
  • Treble: Cut@1,800Hz / Boost@2,500Hz 
  • Connectivity
  • Rehearsal Input - Playback through Speaker or Headphones 
  • Balanced DI Out - Seamless Recording or PA Output 
  • Headphone output - Silent Rehearsal 
  • Footswitch (optional) 
  • TonePrint Enabled
  • 6 Effect Types (Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato Octaver, SpectraComp, Bass Drive) 
  • TonePrints are made by some of the world’s best bass players including Nathan East, Mark King, Duff McKagan, Richard Bona and many more
Manufacturer TC Electronics
Call To Purchase Yes
Finance Enabled No
Combination Amp Yes
Bass Head No
Cabinet No
Acoustic Amp No
Condition Pre-Owned


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